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Polska Grupa CNC is specializing in the production of numerically controlled devices intended for processing many different materials. The company has family roots that have become the basis of our success. We pay attention to detail and focus on high functionality of solutions. Thanks to the successive achievement of objectives, we are appreciated supplier of CNC machines in Poland and Europe.

We are constantly working on improving our solutions. Every CNC plotter that leaves our production hall is a refined product which takes into account the needs of modern users. Our offer includes three series of plotters: SPECIAL – machines dedicated to smaller and medium-sized industrial fields, ATC – a series designed for professional use in a large factories, AUTO – a comprehensive machining center created for the growing demand of production automation in the furniture industry. Each series is designed for different models and working conditions. The machines have different technical parameters so that customers can choose a device that fully meets their needs.

Our CNC plotters can be purchased in the leasing option. It's a solution that allows you to get the machine in a short period of time and with low initial costs.


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- ease of use combined with advanced technology
- proven fast return on investment (value for money)
- safety of production thanks to a trusted group of specialists
- discovering new ways to make money through the versatile use of our machines
- results visible immediately after the implementation of production
- simple and reasonable terms of cooperation