Long-term goals are more important than short-term gains.

Polska Grupa CNC was established as a family business. The founders work in the company every day, representing the continuity, durability and sustainability of the company. The commitment of engineers and constructors, willingness to develop, presence at industry events, combined with the trust that an increasing number of customers place in us, make the Polska Grupa CNC a significant supplier of machines in Poland and Europe. In financial terms, the company is oriented towards long-term growth. Our development is financed from our resources, thanks to which we are independent from external financing from banks, stock markets or investors focused solely on profit. All this creates a safe and trustworthy environment for customers and employees and ensures that our development is combined with continuity and innovation. By deciding to cooperate with us, you support the development of new technologies and Polish industry.



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    WHY US?

    - ease of use combined with advanced technology
    - proven fast return on investment (value for money)
    - safety of production thanks to a trusted group of specialists
    - discovering new ways to make money through the versatile use of our machines
    - results visible immediately after the implementation of production
    - simple and reasonable terms of cooperation