CNC Router 1520 SPECIAL

Working area: 150x200 [cm]

1520 SPECIAL CNC Router is a precise machine constructed in Poland. It can be used to process many different materials such as wood, wood-based materials (chipboard, MDF, OSB, etc.), plastics (plexiglass, PVC, HPL, etc.), composites (dibond, carbon, alucobond), soft metals, etc.

Construction of the machine is made out of steel which gives it high rigidity as well as resistance to congestions associated with the machining process.

The plotter is equipped with a user-friendly interface that is easy to use, but also has advanced functions.

CNC Рутер 1520 Special

Prices from: 10 888 € NET


The plotter is made entirely of high quality steel. During the production process, all elements undergo a special heat treatment.


The usable area of our machine tool is 1500 x 2000 [mm].


The standard range of the Z axis is 200 mm. However, it is possible to increase it to 400 mm.


Our machine tools were powered by digital motors with high resolution and high power, which ensures appropriate acceleration and speed in particular directions. Classic and proven helical blades work in the X and Y axes, which ensure high durability and precision, and the Z axis is driven by a high-quality ball screw. All axes run on rail guides.

CNC drive


The cutting tool is driven by a strong, liquid-cooled and durable high-class brushless spindle. The spindle bearing is high-quality machine bearings, very quiet and guaranteeing above-average durability. The rotational speed of the spindle ranges from 6 to 24 thousand. RPM An inverter is used for power supply, which has more power than the spindle, which protects against speed drops when working under heavy load.


The machine is equipped with appropriate CAD / CAM software in the latest version. The software enables quick and easy design of elements, which the program then converts into the so-called G-code. It is also possible to import finished files from other programs.


The machine is operated by the controller, which has its own processor and operating memory, which ensures stable and reliable operation. The machine controller has the function of active vector analysis, thanks to which the operation of the device is smooth and the error in processing is small. The controller has the function of returning to further work after the loss of power, so there is no need to initialize the program from a scratch. The memory built into the controller allows the machine to work without having to load the program each time.

Additional options:

* vacuum table with Busch or Becker pump
* chip extraction system
* oil mist
* any size of the working table

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