CNC Routers

We focus on high-quality products. Our best seller is a computer controlled CNC Router. The device is entirely manufactured in Poland. The production is based on national and European standards, ensuring high level of safety. Plotters are made out of good quality materials and the components are characterized by reliability and durability. This has significant impact on the smooth operation of our products and the low failure rate. The CNC Routers available in our offer are intended for processing materials such as wood, plastics, wood-based and soft materials. Depending on the selected model, machines have different technical parameters and allow to work within the working area of different dimensions. We care about the best quality of our products, that is why we introduce proven CAD/CAM software to our devices. The latest versions ensure efficient and accurate design of individual elements. Machines can be enriched with additional options increasing the functionality. Every plotter has and "Opinion about Innovation", which makes it easier to co-finance the purchase from the EU funds.