Unique service offer!

Our service department is primarily engineers with many years of experience in the construction and launching CNC machines.

Having the latest technologies, high-class equipment, devices and components from the best manufacturers would be nothing without specialized staff with the highest competences. That is why the Polska Grupa CNC constantly invests in the development of technical personnel, offering continuous improvement of technical knowledge and motivating to broaden the horizons of its employees. Bearing in mind the class of our products, we have created teams of specialists dealing with individual areas of our activity. Our goal is also that the cooperation with the client does not end at the end of the warranty period, but that it continues in the form of support after its end. To ensure maximum comfort and safety for our customers, we offer full online and telephone technical support.



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    WHY US?

    - ease of use combined with advanced technology
    - proven fast return on investment (value for money)
    - safety of production thanks to a trusted group of specialists
    - discovering new ways to make money through the versatile use of our machines
    - results visible immediately after the implementation of production
    - simple and reasonable terms of cooperation